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News 5.2.2014

375 years old Hämeenlinna renews its website

Adage participated in improving the website of the celebrating city.

​The city of Hämeenlinna renewed its website to celebrate the 375th anniversary. The goal was to make the site clearer and to ease the navigation in a complex service. Adage was responsible of testing the website with users and designing the site structure, navigation and visual layout.

See the press release of the city of Hämeenlinna (in Finnish).

News 2.12.2013 totally renewed

The website of Senate Properties has a new look. Website provides a better user experience for the versatile clientele.

The starting point for the project was to make modern website with a responsive design and an excellent user experience and findability. New website are informative, service oriented and visually attractive with an ease-of use also for tablet and mobile phone users. The visual brand of Senate Properties was also at the same time created and it could be used also with other websites, digital channels and marketing material.

Adage designed the concept, user interface, visual look and visual guidelines for the website. The project was done in a cooperation with Media Cabinet providing the technical implementation.

The website of Senate Properties

News 2.12.2013

Suur-Savon Sähkö - easier mobile access to energy company services

Adage designed a website with a fresh visual look and a user interface for an energy company Suur-Savon Sähkö.

The background for the redesign of the site was to provide better service through digital channels. The design was responsive in order to give easy-to-use access for e.g. map service which informs about the disruptions in the electricity distribution.

Central role in the new website has the Make an agreement section which guides customers to select intuitively the best electricity agreement for their needs. "Clear paths for use cases were important in renewing the structure of the site. Major goals were to simplify the website and to clarify the structure", says Johanna Rautio, marketing planner in Suur-Savon Sähkö.

The website renewal was done as a agile development project with Adage and Knowit. Adage designed the concept, user interface and the visual layout of the site. Knowit was responsible for the technical setup.

Suur-Savon Sähkö website

News 13.11.2013

Congratulations to Lappeenranta University of Technology!

The website of LUT was awarded in an international contest. Liferay Pulse Awards ​had nominees within over 140 large websites and in six different categories. ended up within the best three in the category "Best in design and user interface".

The winner was Toyota. The criteria for the category "was to answer the user's needs with that perfect balance between innovative and intuitive".  Adage designed the user interface and was responsible for the usability of the website.

Read more from (in Finnish)

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News 12.11.2013

Tanker Safety on the Gulf of Finland

Adage has designed as pro bono for John Nurminen Foundation and Finnish Transport Agency a concept and a user interface for ENSI system, which is currently piloted in the bridges of Neste tankers operating on the Gulf of Finland.

​Demanding expert system helps to increase the tanker safety on a densely operated marine area. ENSI (Enhanced Support Navigation Information) is a navigation support system that enables sharing route plans with authorities monitoring vessel traffic on the Gulf of Finland.

See the video of ENSI system

News 20.12.2012

Changes in Adage´s management team

Changes will happen in Adage´s management team in the beginning of year 2013. The long-term Managing Director Janne Tompuri will move to head the design team of Adage. Sami Wilkman has been appointed Managing Director and Matti Helenius has been appointed Sales Director.

New positions will provide a good platform for a new growth and a development of new services. "Our customers are becoming more and more aware of the significance of the easy-to-use, pleasurable and efficient concepts and user interfaces in their own business. Adage will answer to these growing needs by adding new services to the portfolio and by improving the existing ones. Next year will give us an opportunity to better serve our customers and to offer more versatile solutions to their challenges", Sami Wilkman states.

News 8.11.2012

Adage´s Partner Panel offered a global presence

In the spirit of 2012 World Usability Day (8 Nov), International UX Partners (IUXP) organised a ‘Partner Panel’ where each agency offered up to 4 hours of their time to their other partner’s clients, sharing their local knowledge and expertise.

During World Usability Day there were 31 conference calls made, connecting 10 partners and their clients between 10 different countries. It was an exciting and busy day for everyone involved.

Dr. Saravjit Rihal from Amberlight UK, explains the ideas behind the ‘Partners Panel’, “This is a fantastic opportunity for us and our clients to connect with experts in local markets. Not only that participating clients are able to find out best practice from local experts first hand, it allows them to gather information and make decisions about a foreign market with minimal risk and commitment. In turn, this can open up new opportunities for our partners to work with new international clients”.

With this unprecedented scale of cooperation between the IUXP partners and clients, IUXP is opening up a new platform for our international clients to gain valuable insights at an early state with guidance of a local expert. In the future, the “Partner Panel” service looks forward to expanding and providing regular, domain specific panels, such as health care, financial service, motor, telecom to encourage further collaboration between our industry experts.

Adage will be participating in the future events and provide a forum for its clients to benefit from the global network of UX professionals.

Read more about International UX Partners from here.

News 13.9.2012

Where do great services come from?

To put it bluntly, great services are created by either an omniscient designer or through a customer-centered design process. Omniscient designers do not exist, so the only option is to design services in a manner that takes various stakeholders’ expectations and needs into account.

Listening to the people, whether they are customers, consumers or your own staff, is a prerequisite for successful design.

To put it bluntly, great services are created by either an omniscient designer or through a customer-centered design process. Omniscient designers do not exist, so the only option is to design services in a manner that takes various stakeholders’ expectations and needs into account.

Major mistakes are avoided, when the design process involves user observation, usability evaluation and testing. The chances of success will continue to grow, if the process includes competitor benchmarking as well as participatory workshops for the stakeholders. In our vocabulary we call this the user-centered design process. Broadly speaking, user-centered design means listening the customers, consumers and your own staff during the design.

Truly human technology

Today’s challenge for designers is to combine people, business and technology in an engaging way. We believe that technology must be human; we want to create truly human technology. The starting point for designing truly human technology is to understand people and businesses and their needs. This understanding promotes the benefits of technology for the users as well as for the business.

Products are always used in a particular environment that determines the value of the product to the user. Then why the products are not designed and tested in this environment? Reasons for this are undoubtedly many, but none of them are insurmountable. It is quite common and sad to hear from a designer that he has never met the users of the products that he has designed. We strive to be the “missing link” between the designer and user.

We differentiate ourselves by research

People demand great usability and user experiences. This has led to a situation where all the top design firms present themselves as usability and user experience experts. Unfortunately, too often the actual expertise is thin; there is no background information gathered by user studies and the products are not tested with actual users.

We differentiate ourselves from other design companies by the fact that we do research as a part of our design process. Our designers will have an idea of the ​people ​actually using the product and they’re able to make better designs. In addition, all the extensive research work increases our knowledge of the good and bad design solutions. The figures speak for themselves: last year, a total of 1 257 people attended our user and usability studies in 179 projects in 30 different cities and 13 countries worldwide.

News 15.6.2011

“No-nonsense usability company”

We test and design services for companies, for whom excellent usability and user experience provide competitive advantage, and for public administration, who are required to provide electronic services equally to everyone.

Web on mobile devices

The use of Web services on mobile devices is growing rapidly, meaning any restrictions they have should be taken into account in the design of Web services. We have conducted an extensive study of website use with touch screen mobile devices. Our main finding was that using Web services on mobile devices is still difficult and that touch screens can further aggravate the problems. Hence, Adage’s design and research projects now take into account also the special requirements for mobile devices.

Adage is probably best known for user and usability research. Alongside our research business, we have determinedly developed our design business, and its percentage of our revenue is nearing 50 percent. In design we stand out by our genuinely user-centred design process, combined with our extensive know-how in user and usability research. We create concepts and design services where business requirements meet with user expectations.

Aiming for long-term cooperation

One of our long-term clients is the Finnish Tax Administration, with whom we have developed their electronic services since 2004. The success of the Tax Administration’s electronic services is a good example of the significance of long-term and constant cooperation in user-centred design.

The overall grade of Adage’s project feedback on a scale of 1–6 is 5.51, which can be considered excellent in the IT business. In a constantly changing environment, we are still required to not only produce top quality but to also work cost-efficiently, which takes constant evaluation and measuring of cost benefits of design and research along with regular feedback on the results of our work. Thus, we promise to be in contact with you at least every six months, and more often if need be.

The quote in the title is from project feedback from a client.

Our clients

  • OP-Pohjola Group
  • Tecnotree
  • Aalto University
  • TeliaSonera
  • F-Secure
  • Finnish Tax Administration