We design digital service concepts for our clients’ business needs.

Preliminary study

At the start of the project, we find out the basis, the objectives and the target audiences. The preliminary study can include e.g. user research, usability expert evaluations, workshops, benchmarking and technology review. We combine the findings and provide recommendations on how to implement the project.

Service design

We design and develop services and service processes with user-centered methodology. As a result the service meets both user needs and your business needs. The final product includes, among others, service blueprints, customer journeys and process charts.

Concept design

A concept document includes the service goals, the service idea, and the main functionality. To design a successful concept, we study the development needs of the current service, user expectations, and business goals. We ensure the success of the concept from the viewpoint of both the business and the user experience.

User interface design

We design easy-to-use and impressive user interfaces for digital services. We design interfaces from early prototypes all the way to the finalised product. We design together with the end users and our clients.

Graphic design

We create an impressive and recognisable look for your service. In the design, we make use of our extensive knowledge of design and usability, ensuring a service that is highly usable and provides a great user experience.

Content production

We produce content such as text, audio, images, infographics, animation and video for digital environments. The production is based on the business and communication goals you set on your service. The content is designed to speak to the service’s target audiences and is optimised for search engines.

Style guides

A style guide provides your company with ready-to-use building blocks that help to create consistent digital services with a high-quality user experience. We harmonise your existing service concepts, user interface solutions and visual style for different terminal devices.

Our way

Our work can be project-oriented, or we can provide you with designers to participate in your project team. We can also design a custom project to help you improve your service.

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