We study usability, user experience, user needs and expectations, and customer experience. We provide our clients a better digital tomorrow with strategically valuable information.

Usability testing

In a usability test, we gather authentic and direct feedback about your service’s usability and user experience from its users. We see how the actual users of your service use it and hear how they think. As a result, we provide concrete improvement suggestions for your service. We test both consumer and professional oriented interfaces like digital services, it systems, applications and devices in a versatile manner.

User research

The usability expert evaluation is perfect for the early stages of a design project or as a part of the iterative design process. The expert evaluation is a quick and cost-effective way to improve the usability, the efficiency and the user experience of your product or service. As a result of the evaluation, we propose concrete improvement suggestions.

Accessibility evaluation

We evaluate and test the accessibility of the web services. Accessibility in web services means that the service can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities such as blindness or visual impairment, deafness or hearing loss, learning difficulties, and various limitations associated with old age. We evaluate accessibility against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, using relevant screen reading software. Based on the accessibility evaluation, you can also receive an Accessibility Considered stamp granted by the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired.

Focus groups

With focus group interviews, it is possible to deepen your understanding of your customers and to get feedback about your products. In focus group studies, the actual users of the service give feedback about the service or service concept, discuss its strengths and weaknesses and provide ideas to support its further development. It is also possible to compare alternative concepts or benchmark against your competition in the focus groups.

Usability in procurement

We evaluate and rate software and information system usability in procurement. We take part in usability requirement specification. Our evaluation methodology suits invitations to tender in public procurement and the procurement of information systems.

Other methodology

We offer diverse methodology for developing your products and services. For example, we perform accessibility evaluations that qualify your service for the Finnish “Esteettömyys huomioitu” accessibility certificate. We also offer mystery shopping, analytics, A/B testing, user feedback analysis and text readability and usability evaluations. We will also be glad to design custom methodology for your needs and expectations.

International studies

We coordinate and perform international studies with end users across the globe. We offer consistent and comparative findings about users in different markets. We implement the studies either ourselves or together with our long-time international partners.


We train your personnel and customers on usability and user experience. We teach you the best practises of user-centered design, the principles of multi-channel design and the basics of accessible usability. We help your organisation create and enhance a user-centered design process. We provide you with concrete tools for developing products and services with high levels of usability and user experience.

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