Service Design

We design and develop services, service processes and business with user-centered methodology. 

Service Design

Service design is service development, which emphasises customer’s experiences and their value creation. With Adage’s service design we combine customer centric design and customer needs with the service provider’s business objectives. Our job is to help you know your customer and understand the problems that the service should be solving. Together we find the ways to benefit the customer the most. As a result, we co-create services that combine excellent customer experiences with profitable business.

In-depth understanding of your clients

Adage has years of experience in productive research methods for customer needs, wishes and service experience. Successful service design is based on an in-depth understanding of the clients, service interaction and context and the surrounding market. In turn, this understanding generates insight, innovation and new business.

“We perform hundreds of user and usability studies every year.”

Co-creative service design

The service does not exist without the customer, other service network agents and a profitable business model. In our service design, we employ co-creative methodology where customers and service actors work together to create valuable and profitable service, which provides excellent customer experience in digital and physical channels.

“We create new business, generate new service concepts and improve existing services together with users and customers.”

From idea to implementation

Service ideas alone do not prove the service’s value or profitability. Adage makes ideas concrete and tests them in their actual environment with clients, users and service personnel. We achieve the best result by constant testing and experimentation.

“We employ agile methodology to produce interactive prototypes and test the services we design with actual users.”