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VERKKOKAUPPA.COM | Making the purchase process more efficient

Adage conceptualised and redesigned the purchasing process.

Adage employed user-centered design for a superb customer experience in the mobile purchasing process.


In 2014 registered 39.5 million online visits, of which the share of mobile users was around 40%.’s goal was to develop a purchasing process that would make buying online as convenient as possible. The company wanted to create a purchasing process in which buying happened “almost by accident” and in which the two key elements of an online store – browsing and purchasing – would provide an excellent customer experience.


In the development of the purchasing process two concepts were used:’s own concept, and a version developed by Adage. Adage employed a mobile first strategy in the iterative design process. The process included a benchmark study, co-design workshops and usability tests with members of the target audiences. As a result, an innovative user interface concept with novel solutions for the purchasing process and mobile device user experience was created. Based on the collaborative workshops, a hybrid model that combined the best features of both concepts, was put on the production.

million online visits

Customer testimonial

“Thank you for an easy and good order process! Everything was clear, even though this was my first order from them, everything worked extremely well and I encountered no problems.”
–’s customer feedback is Finland’s best-known and most visited online retail store. Verkkokauppa offers over 50,000 products and over 180,000 uncensored product reviews with precise and real-time information on product availability, service and return percentages, all aimed at helping the customer in making the purchase decision.