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TECNOTREE | Enhancement of digital systems

Redesign of global operator solutions

Adage participated in the in the creation of the customer experience of Tecnotree product family.


Tecnotree is a global teleoperator solution partner. The goal was to unify their extensive product family’s user experience, and to support Tecnotree sales organisation with demanding customer processes.


In cooperation with Tecnotree, Adage compiled a thorough style guide that provided an extensive selection of design principles, user interface models and visually finalised components for Tecnotree’s UI library. We built several visually finished functional prototypes that have been utilised in marketing and usability testing, and as specification for development. User-centered principles were applied in the process, as we met the end users around the globe.

global operator clients

The experience from Adage’s perspective

“Understanding the use of complex systems always requires dialogue with its users. In Tecnotree’s case, I met users face-to-face in Tecnotree’s notable markets in India and Argentina. Co-creation and brainstorming provided the background for innovative and practical user interface solutions.”

– Samuli Andelin, Senior UX Designer

Tecnotree is a global provider of telecom IT solutions for the management of products, customers and revenue.