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SOFTWARE POINT | Developing healthcare technology

User-centred design of a laboratory system

Adage guided the product development of Software Point on user-centred processes and partners in the interface design.


Software Point wants to offer its clients an efficient information system that allows controlling the activity of clinical laboratories comprehensively and completely digitally. Usability is crucial in a system used by medical professionals in order to ensure the efficiency of processes, the high quality of health care and the security of the patient.


Adage’s UX designer worked in a long-term collaboration as a part of the development team, integrating user-centred design methods in the business. One module of the product was developed using agile user-centred principles, and it served as a base for the user interface guidelines compiled for the whole product. Together with the product development management we formulated a requirement management process that takes end users into account. The collaboration is still ongoing as we design the user interface iteratively with end users around the Nordic countries.

Software Point’s largest systems handle the samples of 2.8 million residents

Customer point of view

“Improving usability is certainly one of the biggest challenges for an information system provider. Now we have professional means for developing a usable product, and fine-tuning details has been replaced with a new way of thinking to make a usability leap to the next level. We couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without Adage’s contribution.”

Niina Vaheri
Product manager, Software Point

Software Point is a Nordic software company focused on ERP solutions in laboratories. It is part of the global LabVantage group. LABVANTAGE Medical Suite is used in more than 20 Nordic hospital laboratories.