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FONECTA | B2B service design and implementation

Snoobi Analytics 6.0

Adage designed and implemented an up-to-date tool for measuring and managing digital business


The objective was Snoobi Analytics’ success in the competition within their branch by offering more extensive functionality in an easy-to-use, simple and practical package. The goal was a complete renewal of the product’s interface and functionality.


The new functionalities were brought to the product based on our benchmarking research. Additionally, the functionality was further extended with a survey tool that integrated into web analytics. The end users were included in the agile design process with interviews and focus groups. New technology was utilised in the implementation of the user interface and application logic (e.g. AngularJS). Adage’s front-end development was integrated with the new back-end interface provided by Fonecta.


of consumers search for information about services and products online

The experience from Adage’s perspective

“This was one of the most pleasant and also challenging projects ever! The six-member Adage team got to put their best effort with a superb customer. Trello cards were flying high in the busiest times. Easy-going collaboration with the customer helped to solve the challenges. After a tight design and coding work it was gratifying to compare the end result with those of the competitors’. We got a lot of things done together!”

– Tuomas Lilja, Senior UX Designer, Adage

Fonecta is an expert on the localised information that offers a wide selection of solutions for digital marketing and sales for companies and multichannel services for consumers to facilitate their daily life. As a part of Fonecta’s broad range of products Snoobi Analytics is a tool for measuring and managing digital business.