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ATRIA | Improving usability

Usability testing of the new website

Adage participated in ensuring good usability and user experience of the new website.


Atria wanted to test the usability of the new website using a functional prototype. The objective of the study was to evaluate the website with different user groups. The focus was especially on testing the navigation, website structure and functionalities, and also on getting feedback on the content and used terminology.


Responsive website was tested on mobile devices and computer with 12 users representing different user groups. Several scenarios were created for the tests. The users liked the website and especially the visual aesthetics. The most important targets for development were associated with navigation elements such as menus and terminology. Improvement suggestions were made also about the content, readability and other matters that affect the usability. On the base of the usability testing results Atria could improve the navigation of the website and take into account the feedback of the users in further development.


of consumers looks for inspiration and product information online

Words of the customer

“The test setup was constructed professionally. The facilities and equipment were up-to-date and the reporting was clear.”

Jukka Saarenpää
Head of market research, Atria

Atria is a growing Finnish company that is one of the leading food industry companies in the Nordic countries, Baltic countries and Russia. The reform of the group’s different web services began with the consumer website, where the emphasis is on appeal, attractiveness and good looks.