Adage is a Finnish company specialised in user-centered design and service design. We design, research and implement digital services. We create better experience with a big digital heart.

“The cooperation worked excellently. Adage staff was competent, reliable, and pleasant to work with. The work was of a high quality.”

Juha Sjöblom
Sibelius Academy

The history of Adage


The usability pioneer Adage is incorporated in the year of the space odyssey, 2001. Young, enthusiastic tech students set their sights on making the world a better place through skilful UX design. Adage immediately acquires big clients in the financial sector, from the ICT sector and in public administration.


First edition of the immensely popular Psychology of Usability book. The Lord of the Rings premieres in movie theatres.


In addition to usability research, Adage designs user interfaces and implements several online services. The notorious Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen jumps onto the screen, and 300 Greeks fight in the pass of Thermopylae.


Adage moves to bigger premises and establishes the most beautiful usability laboratory in Finland. The world sees Kung Fu Panda and a blond James Bond.


The volcanic eruption at Eyjafjallajökull messes with air travel, and three Adage employees get stranded in New York. Natalie Portman is a black swan and Johnny Depp is Alice in Wonderland.


Adage invests in graphic design and data visualisation. The design of BI applications becomes a major business section for Adage. The Finnish actor Armi Toivanen ruins a marriage in 21 different ways on screen.


A year of powerful growth. Simultaneously, we redesign our visual identity. The number of implementation projects increases significantly. The new Jurassic World, Mad Max, Terminator, Star Wars and Cinderella movies premiere in theatres.


The Design and Experience house Adage still creates world-class user experience. Rocky VIII premieres.